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April 15, 2022 00:15:50
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The AI Act unpacked

As the European Parliament is preparing to discuss the first draft of the AI Act, we took a critical look at the proposal with Lilian Edwards, professor at the University of Newcastle and expert legal adviser at the Ada Lovelace Institute. We touched upon the overall approach of the proposal, the role of users, high-risk systems and risk assessment. ...



April 08, 2022 00:06:20
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Disinformation and war narratives in China and Russia

China has sought to position itself as neutral in relation to the war in Ukraine but recent analysis by EUvsDisinfo notes substantial alignment with the Kremlin when it comes to the messaging being shared by the country’s state-backed media. This week’s podcast looks more closely at this alignment: the common narratives, how they’re being shared and where the two countries diverge. ...



April 01, 2022 00:25:06
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DMA: the rapporteur’s take

Last week, the EU co-legislators reached an agreement on the Digital Markets Act (DMA), landmark legislation targeting the largest tech companies. We discuss the key points of the file with the European Parliament’s rapporteur Andreas Schwab. ...



March 25, 2022 00:22:19
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The UK’s post-Brexit data policy

London has been working on several laws and initiatives with potentially profound implications for its data protection regime. We discuss how these different pieces might come together and impact the EU’s data adequacy decision with Robert Bateman, head of content at GRC World Forums, and Wayne Cleghorn, CEO and Practice Director at Privacy Solved. ...



March 18, 2022 00:17:14
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Ukrainian war, Russian disinformation, European reactions

The Russian attack on Ukraine went hand in hand with coordinated attacks in the information space. We discuss the situation on the ground and the EU response with Domen Savič, CEO of Citizen D. ...



March 11, 2022 00:09:09
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Digital policy in the French presidential elections

France, the country currently at the helm of the EU Council, is heading towards crucial elections next month. We discuss with EURACTIV France reporter Mathieu Pollet the role digital issues play in the presidential campaign, the impact of the Ukrainian conflict and any potential changes in the handling of EU files due to digital minister Cedric O stepping down. ...